Tuesday, 11 October 2011

my non believer perspective on christianity

after i attended the bible conference 2 weeks ago, i gathered a lot of my likes n my dont likes in the church custom. before i start posting, i would like to stressed that it is never my intention here to blast christianity in the whole. my purpose of posting here is to express all my views here on the religion in a non believer perspective after my experiences coming to church in few rounds.

first of all, i dont like the idea of karoke session when starting every single church session. i also dont know why i must do a lot of hand expressions while karaokeying all the gospel song. it made me look like aliens only. hahaha.

secondly, i still dont know how every believers are able to gospel so long on the starting prayers and ending prayers. when the prayers begins, i normally just stand like a statue of lady liberty. hahaha. i believe i still have some uncomfortableness in both the praying sessions.

in conclusion, i believe i still need more time to accept all these customs as a norm. because of that, i still stand in my ground to not accept christian conversion yet. not to mention there are still a few holy buddies of mine in church trying to pester me in accepting the religion so fast without giving me a single space and time to study more about the religion and build up my understanding on the religion. i always believe that accepting new religion is just like starting marriage wedding. it has to be done at the right time and when your heart is ready to accept the terms and conditions. if you cant, then it should not have started or else you be doomed. that applies also to acceptance of new religion because it is for your entire life time. thats the end of my story.