Friday, 30 September 2011

my testimonials on this special eboutique

i manage to know this special eboutique called irenelim fashion by accident actually. when i was googling for satin pants and satin skirt just to glimpse on it, i noticed one link of hers are in the google search result. so i clicked on the link out of my curiosity and i was wowed by the nice satin pants which was sold off long time ago sadly. then when i found out about her new website, i went there and search for any satin outfit in the web search bar. to my surprise, there are 30 plus types of satin outfit on sale which is quite a lot already for me to choose from. sadly 90% of them are sold off when i decided to buy some of them.

when i manage to find the other satin outfit that is not out of stock, i quickly email her for orders so that the others wont sweep away the not out of stock ones. her reply to my email is very fast. she is also capable to help me answer all my questions i threw to her when i was in doubts. not to mention she has very high quality control in ensuring her customers not to get cheated with defected clothes after delivery to them. she will check all my ordered clothes first before delivery. when there are defects spotted, she will tell me about it and ask me to exchange it with others before delivery. the order delivery to my house is also very fast thanks to her choosing poslaju as her delivery service choice.

when i open my parcel, i was wowed by the high quality materials used to make all the clothes. when i try on the clothes, it really fits me like a glove. that is why i like to recommend others to shop in irenelim fashion. it is so convenient for people that always got no free time to go out for shopping at the same time dont like to waste money on petrol cost and parking cost. all you need is just a few finger clicks to place your order and then it will be delivered right up your doorstep after payment is made without the need to leave your house in 1 or 2 working days time.

i also like to compliment her range of clothes for having it catered specially for big size customers like me unlike other electronic boutiques. the price range is reasonable which made me no longer want to buy clothes in common brand boutiques outside any more like padini concept store, to name a few. she also provides very clear pictures of every clothes along with its exact measurements of every clothes so that customers wont go wrong in choosing which size is suitable for them. the only problem i have though is why all her clothes must always sell like hot cakes. i be disappointed some times when the clothes i want to buy is out of stock and not restockable any more. problems aside, this proves that she is still very popular among the online customers like me. after my 5 times experiences buying from her, i have to admit i am still a happy customer here. i will buy clothes from her again and i wont go else where any more. happy shopping in irenelim fashion online stores from your cozy home. :) :)